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Life-Sized Lego Helmet 


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Life-Sized Lego Helmet 

Written By: Jonathan 


This is for a University project but I had to share it! If you like Lego, and have plastic- 
working facilities, then you will be able to make a life-sized Lego helmet. 

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Life-Sized Lego Helmet 

Step 1 — Life-Sized Lego Helmet 

• First, you'll need to print off side front and top views of the Lego helmet you want to scale 
up. These have been printed out on A3. 

• Then take a block of blue modelling foam, place the images on the sides and cut away 
through the foam the extruded shapes from each view using a hot wire cutter. 

Step 2 

• Once the shape is like-enough to 
the original Lego shape you can 
sand it down with hand sanders, 
sandpaper and careful use of a 

• You will then need to carefully cut 
the shape into two halves, in order 
to vacuum form later. This cut will 
be down the centre of the Lego 
Space or motorbike helmet. 

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Life-Sized Lego Helmet 

Step 3 

• Once you have cut the foam in two 
(in this model, vertically) you need 
to cover it in mud-rock, which is a 
plaster-like bandage which is 
applied wet and will dry hard. 

• Once the mud-rock has set, cover 
it with plaster. And once the plaster 
has dried you can sand this down 
further to give a smooth finish. 

• Seen here, the line where the foam 
mould has been cut in two halves 
so that when each piece is put into 
a plastic vacuum former they will 
be able to be retrieved. 

Step 4 

• Here is one half that has been 
vacuum formed. Notice how the 
angle at which the mould reaches 
the cut line means that it will be 
able to be retrieved. 

• Do this with the other half. Also, 
make sure that you can take it out, 
otherwise the plastic may crack. 

• This plastic is 3mm polystyrene, 
which is easily vacuum formed. 
Other plastics will vary. A thicker 
plastic will give a more durable 

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Life-Sized Lego Helmet 

Step 5 

• This is me — Ha! This shows the 
plastic moulded half with the 
plastered foam mould removed. 

• Also, I have cut away the excess 
plastic left from the vacuum 

Step 6 

• This is the two plastic formed 
halves held together with tape. 

• In order to join them, I've used 
strips of thin sheets of high impact 
polystyrene which are glued 
together on the inside along the 
join. The glue I used was TENSOL 
12 (sounds like a spaceship). Be 
sure to ventilate well as it's fairly 

• Sanding down and filling with car 
body filler where appropriate will be 
necessary before spraying. 

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Life-Sized Lego Helmet 

Step 7 

• I have cut holes into the sides where a visor will hinge. 

• The orange is a primer filler which shows up all the bumps and crevices. 

• There are also two small two-bit by two-bit sized holes on the bottom left of the helmet. 
These are holes for buttons. 

Step 8 

• Here you can see the model in 
white. I've sprayed it with 
Plastikote Matte SUPER, which 
gives a fairly good finish when 
sanded down finely with 320 then 
1200 grain paper. 

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Life-Sized Lego Helmet 

Step 9 

• I also have access to a laser cutter, and I laser-cut a Lego Space logo (red and yellow). 

• I've used electrical tape to make a stencil which is easily coloured with spray paint. 

Step 10 

• A final 3-4 sprays with a clear 
lacquer and it's ready for attaching 
the gold visor and inside padding! 

• Find out how I made the visor and 
more about this model here. 

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